Privacy Policy

We arecommitted to ensuring that your personal information is kept private and confidential.

ThisPrivacy Policy sets out how we use and manage your personal information. Personalinformation includes information that can identify you and information aboutyour past and current health. As a provider of health services, we are bound bythe Australian Privacy Principles contained in the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988. We also haveprofessional and ethical obligations to protect your privacy and keep yourpersonal information confidential.

1.             Whatinformation do we collect?

Wewill only collect information that is necessary to provide our services andcarry on our dental practice. We collect the following types of personalinformation from patients and prospective patients:

·        name and contact details;

·        age, date of birth and gender;

·        dental history and previousdentists;

·        medical history;

·        details about your currenthealth and medications; and

·        health insurance details.

We collect personal information from you if youask us to claim directly to your health fund when you are paying your account(through HICAPS). This includes your credit card details if you pay by creditcard.

2.         How do we collect your personalinformation?

Wecollect personal information in several ways. You may be asked by us to completea patient questionnaire and give us information we need to provide dentalservices to you in a safe and appropriate manner. This information includes yourdetails of your dental and medical history and your current health. You may alsobe asked to provide personal information verbally to our dentists or otherstaff members.

Wemay also collect personal information about you from third parties if you have agreedthat they can provide us with this information. For example, we may collectinformation from:

·        your health insuranceprovider;

·        Medicare; and

·        other dentists, dentalspecialists or other health practitioners (including your GeneralPractitioner).

Ifa person is unable to provide us with personal information which we need to providethem with dental services (for example if the patient is a young child or lacksthe capacity to provide these details) we will require this information to beprovided by the patient’s legal guardian or another person who is legallyentitled to act for that person.

3.         How do we use your personal information?

Wemay use your personal information for any of the following purposes:

·        to assess whether we can safelyprovide you with our dental services;

·        to maintain and administeryour patient file;

·        to invoice you for our fees;

·        to process your healthinsurance claims;

·        to contact you for follow upservices and check-up reminders;

·        to collect unpaid invoices;and

·        to send information to youabout our dental practice.

4.         How do we make sure that yourinformation is accurate?

Wetake reasonable steps to ensure that the personal information we collect fromyou is accurate, up-to-date and complete. These steps include:

·      maintaining and updating your personalinformation when you attend the practice; and

·      amending information when you letus know that any of your information has changed.

5.         How do we protect and store yourinformation?

Weprovide ongoing training to our staff to ensure the personal information whichwe hold about you is kept confidential.

Wekeep hard copy and electronic records of all patients’ personal information. Wetake steps to protect these records against loss, misuse, unauthorised access,use, modification or disclosure. We ensure that hard copies of records are keptin locked files and there are security processes in place regarding computeraccess. We take steps to ensure that electronic data is backed up.

We,or our contracted data storage providers, may use servers, systems and cloudcomputing providers outside Australia. We use our best endeavours to ensurethat our storage providers are required to comply with Australian Privacy laws.

Aftera period of 7 years (or in the case of a person under 18, until the personturns 25) we may securely destroy or de-identify your records in accordancewith Australian laws.

5.         When will we disclose your personalinformation?

Wewill disclose your personal information to third parties if you have agreedthat we can do so. For example, we will disclose your personal information:

·        if you ask us in writing orprovide us with your written consent to disclose your information to a thirdparty;

·        in an emergency situation, if youhave nominated relatives or next of kin as emergency contacts;

·        to other dentists, dentalspecialists and healthcare providers, for the purpose of seeking a secondopinion or a referral; and

·        to laboratories and dentalspecialists (within Australia or overseas) to provide advisory servicesrelating to your treatment.

Wemay also disclose specific personal information (your name, address, contactdetails and amount owing to us) to debt collection providers engaged by us ifyou do not pay our invoices within the required time.

Otherthan as set out in this Section 5, we will only disclose your personalinformation without your agreement if we are legally required to do so. Underthe Privacy Act, we must disclose your personal information if we are directedto do so by a government or regulatory body (including Medicare) or a statutorybody (eg a court or a tribunal) with legal powers to obtain your information.

6.         Accessing your personal information

Youhave the right to access the personal information that we hold about you. Youcan contact us in writing, by email or by telephone and request access to yourpersonal information.  Our contactdetails are set out in Section 8 of this Policy. We will always try to meetyour request within a reasonable time.

Insome circumstances, your request for access may be denied. These circumstancesinclude:

·        if we no longer hold anypersonal information about you;

·        if your request is frivolousor vexatious;

·        if the information requestedrelates to existing or anticipated legal proceedings and would not normally bedisclosed as part of those proceedings;

·        if providing access would beunlawful; and

·        if denying access is required orallowed by law.

Ifwe are unable to give you access to the information you have requested, we willgive you written reasons for this decision when we respond to your request.

Wemay charge you a reasonable fee for access to some types of informationrequested by you. This charge will be limited to the cost of recouping ourcosts for providing you with the information. Charges may include documentretrieval, photocopy, the costs of duplication of X-rays and models, anddelivery costs to you.

7.         Correcting your personal information

Toenable us to provide you with the best service, it is important that theinformation we hold about you is accurate and up-to-date. You will need toprovide us with any changes to your personal information (including change ofaddress, name, telephone number and health providers) to enable us to updateyour records. We will take reasonable steps to ensure that the information thatwe hold about you is accurate and up-to-date.

8.          Surveillance

Surveillance isconducted at Whitfords Dental Centre.


Surveillance maybe conducted using:


·      any form of visualrecording devices including all types of camera, such as CCTV cameras

·      any form of audiorecording devices and

·       electronicrecording devices in any part of the workplace.


The surveillance may be conducted at any time and any patientmay be subject to surveillance. The surveillance may be continuous orintermittent at Whitfords Dental Centre. We may, at our discretion, disclosethe surveillance records for any reason that is not barred by privacylegislation.


You may consult with us regarding any concerns about thesurveillance. All cameras are visible and recording devices (including cameras)will not be placed in bathrooms, or change rooms.


The purpose of the surveillance is to ensure the safety and securityof employees, visitors and property. Whitfords Dental Centre reserves the rightto review and use the CCTV in disciplinary proceedings.


9.         Our contact information and resolvingyour concerns

Youcan contact us during our office hours if you have any questions, concerns or acomplaint about this Privacy Policy or the way in which we collect, store anddisclose your personal information. We will always try to respond to you andaddress your questions, concerns or complaints within a reasonable time.

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