When Do I Need A Crown?

Here at Whitfords Dental Centre, we have made it convenient for our patients to receive a crown. Through our CEREC machine, you undergo a consultation, have your crown custom-fitted, and get it fabricated while you wait comfortably in our cozy office — completing the procedure within a one-day appointment.

Crowns are a fantastic way to maintain the strength and integrity of heavily filled teeth. And with its ability to mimic natural teeth colour and appearance, it can dramatically improve the aesthetics of your smile as well.

A well-made crown, fabricated to precisely suit the site for restoration, can save your teeth (and your overall oral health). That's why in many cases, it is the preferred option for restoring molars — your biggest and strongest teeth, designed to take on the task of chewing. If a molar has a large, existing restoration that has more filling material than tooth structure, the restoration can easily deteriorate and the tooth can start developing cracks.

A crown will protect this tooth and prevent breakage that may render the tooth unrestorable. The result is improved tooth strength and enhanced aesthetics.

For the front teeth, the aesthetic improvement brought about by a crown can be life-changing. A crown is also a reliable option for tooth restoration after a completed root canal treatment.

Crowns are available in different types of materials, such as ceramic, porcelain, metal and alloys. Porcelain is a popular option among patients and dentists as it can be matched to your existing teeth for excellent blending and discreet finish.

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