When Do I Need A Crown?

Here at Whitfords Dental we have made it convenient for our patients to receive a crown. Our Cerec Machine can provide a one visit appointment to custom fit your crown, you have the opportunity to watch your crown being fabricated while you wait comfortably.

Crowns are a fantastic way to maintain the strength and integrity of heavily filled teeth. Not to mention   improving the aesthetics of our smiles at the same time!

We recommend a crown for different teeth for different reasons. Our molars for example, are our strong teeth that we rely on for chewing. If they have a large existing restoration where there is more filling material than tooth structure and the restoration is  deteriorating or the tooth is developing cracks.

A crown is going to protect this tooth and prevent a breakage that may render the tooth unrestorable and give the tooth strength and improved aesthetics. For our front teeth the aesthetic improvement can be smile changing, literally!!

Another recommendation for a tooth to have a crown is after a completed root canal  treatment. There are a few different materials that crowns can be made from. Commonly Porcelain is used and can be matched to your existing teeth for  an  excellent blending and discrete finish.

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